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... I have some questions regarding sex. Since males everywhere, including celibate ones, have nighttime emissions, I suspect that the male sorcerers must've applied some kind of plant-based ointment on their penises or drank some kind of potion that reduced or eliminated spontaneous and unwanted emissions.

As for the women, they have "roots" like lion's tails, which grow inward from the genitalia. Since sorceresses don't use these "roots" to nourish unborn fetuses, they must have some means, presumably a plant-based concoction, for pulling them out and moving the energy around in their bodies.

I suspect the kind of information I'm seeking would have to be obtained directly from the witches. Thank you for doing what you can to get the answers to my queries.

For readers having trouble with celibacy: In addition to a thorough recapitulation of all sexual experiences, try avoiding caffeine, too many sugars, alcohol, and overly spicy foods. These items are very irritating to the uro-genital tract. Also, a daily sitz bath in warm water of angelica root soothes the external genitalia. It is also very healing in cases of impotence and frigidity...

Source: Tucson, AZ

Editor: This letter shows the difference between men and women in terms of how they use the items of the world around them. Note this use of angelica as opposed to the feminine use in the Junkyard section.

This time I was only half-kidding. Yep, the sex thing is a big problem for men. And like yourself, I used to be concerned with emissions, probably because of studying oriental input on the topic. They came to the conclusion that sex was good as long as one didn't emit anything. Some of them even said you should have as much sex as you can, just don't emit.

But that just isn't so. I think the emissions are the least of male worries. Remember that the witches have emphasized recapitulating foreplay, even kissing, which they called very powerful. And the mundane things we all need to recapitulate tie up our energy, with no emissions involved. Something as eluring and exciting as foreplay ought to do the same. The truth is, we don't really know what part of sex is the problem because none of us can see energy being used up. Until we can see for ourselves, anyone have answers to this reader's questions?


When I had my first tooth extracted, it took the dentist a long time, during which I tensed all my muscles and held my breath. When he finally got the tooth out, he held the bloody thing right in front of my eyes - now at that time in my life I hated to see blood, and had fainted on various occasions, and I fainted again.

But I did not loose consciousness: Instead I was instantly transported into a strange realm, which consisted of moving, colorful shapes. I had no body or reference point in this realm, but found the shapes fascinating, sensing a profound meaning in them. I set out to explore the shapes with the intent of grasping some of the meaning, when a special feature began to gain prominence.

I concentrated on that, trying to understand. Suddenly the feature changed its appearance and its meaning became clear: It was blood rushing to my head. The dentist had tipped the chair over. I was back in this world.

Source: Nova Scotia, Canada


I was cutting cordwood into stovewood lengths. I had worked myself into the middle of the stack, which was 7 or 8 feet high and towering very steeply above me.

I was working near the bottom of the pile with my powersaw running at full speed, when the log I was cutting shifted and the whole stack started crashing down on me.

Now this was a tricky situation: I had the choice to either let go of my saw, jump away and be safe, or try to retrieve my saw at the risk of serious injury. But I did neither: Very calmly I looked up at the logs that came tumbling down on me, without moving body or saw. Then a strange thing happened. The logs arrested their fall in midair. In one fluid movement I pulled my saw out and stepped back, and continuing the same fluid movement, the pile came crashing down.

Sometimes I have wondered whether time was speeded up for me, or slowed down for the pile, or whether some quirk in the dynamics of the pile would have interrupted its fall no matter what I did. But that is not really important now: Important is to be fully present and not be taken by surprise.

Source: Nova Scotia, Canada


NNL, I was extremely delighted to see your advertisement. A friend of mine gave me an opportunity to view your newsletters which have led me to this correspondence. After reviewing the content of your articles I was pleased to find such an extensive amount of information at my disposal.

My question to all those related is about the common thread of the articles. The fact that they seemingly and exclusively speak of technique and /or perceptual experiences. These topics are of course invaluable yet I detected an absence of entries dealing with the spirit; the path with heart, the ultimate discipline of unreasonable happiness.

I understand the difficulty of relating these aspects of the warriors way. Are these entries screened, or is there simply a lack of them? We all know that ultimate freedom is more than the task of recapitulating and dreaming.

Please respond either personally or better yet in the NNL if possible...

Source: Reseda, CA

Editor: Don Juan's group collected the "Manifestations of the Spirit" stories because they couldn't talk directly about the spirit. I'm not sure we'd have any better luck, but I'm game if anyone else wants to give it a try.

Just to see what happens, next issue we'll have a special column for input on the spirit, or intent. We'll also include luck, chance, fate, or as this reader was aluding to, unfounded happiness. While we're at it, let's throw in unfounded sadness too. Anyone looking for inspiration should read The Witches Dream. It's good this came up, since there aren't any questions for next time. But try to keep the input compact, no huge stories.

Editor: A reader wrote the following request for reader feedback:

This represents a vision during the Recapitulation and the mushroom shape was bright white. I want to know what the bands at the left andespecially upper top right mean.

Source: L. K. H.


A reader sent a letter from Tracy Kramer indicating that Carlos' group does not want anything published about the sorcery passes. It's described in the "Eight Esalen Not-doings" article. For this reason, we will no longer publish information received. We had received some info before we read this letter, and since it was partially about not-doings, we have decided to print it as our last bit of info on this topic. If we never get a video, at least we'll have this to fall back on. If we receive any more input, we'll save it for that future possibility of no Nagual's party and no video.

In the course of this project we learned that the passes taught at the seminars are not the same as those in the books, or at least not the same as the first ones Taisha learned and which we pictured in issue #2. We have also learned that a video showing the passes was discussed, but we don't know if it will ever come to pass.

Here is the last input we have on this topic:

reference - Issue 2, lower right picture: a similar one was demonstrated Dec. 12, 1993 at Phoenix Bookstore, Santa Monica. - body is in a position with knees slightly bent, slightly pointing out, feet apart (not too far), toes slightly inward. - chin is jutted out (far). - forefingers of each hand are under chin, one in front of the other. - rapid back and forth movement with fingers in opposing directions. Don't move fingers far, they stay under the chin at all times. - similar to the picture in NNL Issue 2 except that fingers are directly under chin. [ ed note: Same pass as description in issue 3.]

Another one: ("antennae"): - body stance same as above. - with both hands, middle finger touching one next to it, curve them around to meet thumb to form a circle. -index finger and little finger pointing straight out. - extend both arms 3 times with rapid, snapping motions at 45 degrees upwards, then 3 times horizontal, then 3 times at 45 degrees downwards. - has something to do with energy, but I don't know whether to get, give, or otherwise redirect.

Other "exercises" were complicated - perhaps reader/participant input is needed to fully reconstruct.

-another one from Taisha: -get a piece of wooden dowel or something similar. - round off the end a bit. (I imagine a new pencil with an eraser on the end would do.) - Put one end of it in the slight depression in the center line of the forehead a little above the eyebrows. - put the other end down on a surface (table). - object: to relieve tension.

Source: Altadena, CA

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum/ Issue 4 Dec. 1994/Jan. 1995