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Taisha's lecture in Pasadena was filled with great tips.

These excellent lecture notes were available freely on Internet. We contacted the author of the notes and received permission to reprint them in this issue. We suspect that these notes will have a big impact on those who have been recapitulating for a year or more. They include several suggestions for not-doing exercises, suggestions for finding more items for your recapitulation, how to recapitulate while dreaming, and tips on how to wake up the energy body. They seem to be the most concentrated technical tips so far.

The following are notes I took at a talk by Taisha Abelar on 10 October 1992 at the Alexandria II bookstore in Pasadena, California. These are somewhat cryptic but may be of interest to some on the list. ((My comments if any are in double parentheses.))

The Activity of sorcerers is that of Dreaming yourself.

Society is oriented toward a "poor baby" syndrome (society and the individual are at effect).

Drills to resolve this: Write your internal dialogue down for 3 days, wait three days and read it. Mark up the newspaper wherever the poor baby concept is expressed.

We presently have a mating/courtship compulsion.

The self is presented as a "poor baby" to the world.

Stalking the self - see how you are living.

The reason for all this is that mankind's assemblage point is in a certain position.

You can move the assemblage point to another place.

That's what sorcerers do - move it away from the poor baby position.

The assemblage point is a place of luminosity on the energetic body, it lights the filaments. When the filaments of the energetic body match those of the universe perception takes place.

How do you move the assemblage point? You need energy - this may be obtained from not doing the presentation of the self in everyday life and stopping seeking courtship. Curtail needingness.

After you've increased your energy THEN practice sorceric techniques.

1. The recapitulation (see Sorcerer's crossing). 
2. Quiet the internal dialogue (Meditation and breathing techniques are good for this).

((Taisha told a rather amusing story of going to a guru in India who had a $900 breathing technique.))

The $900 dollar breath: 3 exhalations, 1 inhalation.

(Use) any technique that works - sorcery passes, gazing techniques.

Practice impeccability, you'll know impeccability when you have no self interest. Act without expecting rewards or returns. Act impeccably and the assemblage point moves to the "place of no pity".

Heightened awareness. When the assemblage point moves far enough you'll see different worlds.

You'll know when you are there - (you'll be) very quiet, unknown to yourself, you'll feel solitude but not loneliness.

Energy comes to you and will guide you, energy of the double, the ethereal body. "Poor Baby" ravages energy.

That's the beginning, heightened awareness is the door to infinity.

NOW you can use dreaming and stalking.

Dreaming, use dreams to enhance awareness of being, wake up the energetic body. The art of dreaming - move the assemblage point systematically (find your hands, etc.).

Art of stalking - when assemblage point moves you have to fix it at new position - give it reality - explore, get adventuresome.

Find out the ramifications of the new position from a bodily energy viewpoint. Then develop the energetic body.

Use it (while awake).

Solidify it and act from it.

Where Taisha Abelar is, is a position of the assemblage point.

Moving assemblage point to where their's (other sorcerers) were.

The earth too has an assemblage point. ((cf. Ley lines etc.))

Embarrassment disrupts the assemblage point.

There are other worlds than this consensual world.

Nagual - pronounced "NO - ALL".

You can move the assemblage point in dreaming. ((Taisha Abelar made a loud scream at this point in the talk.)) Shriek - makes the assemblage point shift and solidify the energy body.

For a normal human the assemblage point is behind the left shoulder at the back.

Perception is encoded in the body (cf. Husserl, phenomenologists). Perception - a facet of corporeality.

The only way to change the energy body is to move the assemblage point, lighting up different filaments.

Memories can reengage, restimulate different energetic memories.

Dream yourself, it's up to you. A man waits for death and while he waits he surrounds himself with beauty and with strength. "The Death Defier".

The change comes from within, to change the world, the environment, the universe.

You must move the assemblage point.

Recapitulation - make list of everyone you've known, begin with the latest person and work backwards. Breath in over right shoulder to left then exhale back (rotating the head back) - visualize and breath you can do it in the world.

Don't poor baby yourself.

Use devices to jolt yourself, you can move the assemblage point up and down.

((She talks about her experiences in the other world with the trees (described in Sorcerer's Crossing).))

Competition among the roots of trees (not recommended to move the Assemblage point down).

The greatest challenge - practice controlled folly, you see the situation and you don't do anything about it - you don't judge - judging is death.

Inorganic entities, they permeate this other realm of the universe.

Don Juan's/Carlos' new book The Seven Gates of Dreaming. The second gate is these guys - Gargoyles/vampires/shadows. They inhabit a close realm and feed off our energy.

Don Juan's allies.

Seers can see this energy. Build integrity - internal strength. Gazing at gravel/ leaves/ moon/ clouds. But if you don't have the sobriety of recapitulation then there are hazards.

The Inorganic Entities come thru tunnels, ignore them. The Inorganic Entities obey your commands.

You can recapitulate your dreams or recapitulate in your dreams. If awake, Normal recapitulation, start at right inhale to left, exhale to center.

In dreams, inhale Clockwise, exhale counterclockwise in center.

There are layers of recapitulation.

Best place for assemblage point - an infinite number of other places. The spirit, intent, will let it move. Best intermediate place - "The place of no pity."

Do the newspaper exercise (looking for "poor baby"). Take a pen and paper to your internal dialogue. Scratch the surface, stalk yourself.

Taisha Abelar and her fellow sorcerers are now moving assemblage points elsewhere and using energetic bodies to establish realities there.

Proper use of sexual energy, if you've got energy to spare - ((sex is)) OK if you've recapitulated.

If you want to move the assemblage point to other areas use sexual energy to do dreaming.

The second gate is the graveyard of failed sorcerers.

Control; the stalker's sobriety.

Level 1 energy body. Level 2 energy and physical body (this needs lots more energy) ((the above is describing 'going places' via dreaming as an energy body or taking the physical body too)).

After recapitulating there is only NOW. This permits discrepancies - coming and going from the consensual universe.

When moving the assemblage point either: 1. Get rid of friends. 2. Use them as controlled folly.

The world has multitudes of realities.

The real challenge is in the world - can you get off the assemblage point position?

Stalking - move assemblage point, give the energy body a jolt. (( an example of a stalking exercise follows)) Tie up the dominant hand and use the other.

Not doing exercises: Walk backwards. Walk on all fours with kneepads.

Any trigger - sound/time/smell causes the body to remember.

Cover up mirrors - (they reinforce agreements and put attention on the self).

Stalk yourself, look at the world. Begin recapitulation. Dream and find your hands in your dream.

Not doing. Disrupt routines, and do exercise to wake up the energetic body (physical exercise).

Source: Internet. If interested, post e-mail to the administrator's address, at: Castaneda-request

Editor: If you have recapitulated and also worked on dreaming, you may have reacted to these notes as I did. I thought, "You'd have to be really good at dreaming to get enough time to recapitulate in your dreams!" I visualized the process as one where you're in a normal dream, you realize it, and you look at your hands. Then you remember that you also want to recapitulate. So you don't look for objects, instead you sit on a rock somewhere and try to recapitulate. It didn't sound very practical to me, it's hard enough to get in a few minutes of dreaming as it is! One might as well recapitulate while awake, where time is easier to find!

Well, I turned out to be dead wrong. I discovered this by adding recapitulating to my rush hour traffic driving. While stuck and going 2 miles per hour, I recapitulate "clean up" topics from my list. For instance, old TV shows, things I cooked in the kitchen, plants in gardens I saw. I find that complex topics are too hard to do on the fly, my mind keeps skipping images before I can get all of the energy. "Gilligan's Island" is easy to do while driving. Seriously, these "clean up" topics trigger other memories and feelings you might have missed.

As soon as I started doing this type of recapitulating, I also started to dream I was recapitulating. This wasn't dreaming, it was an ordinary dream that lasted for hours, covering dozens of topics I hadn't remembered, was something I witnessed rather than participated in, and I had enough volition to do the sweeping breath throughout the dream. I believe it's what Taisha was talking about: another type of dreaming where one recapitulates and which does not interfere with normal dreaming practices. There are hints of it in The Eagle's Gift, when Carlos and La Gorda did dreaming together. By the way, it isn't very restful.

Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 3 Oct./Nov. 1994