Carol Tiggs Chronology Part V [June 1995 - 1996]

June 16, 1995 - Cleargreen, Inc., is incorporated, by filing articles of incorporation executed by George Short.

August 1-20, 1995 - Culver City Intensive Workshop

Castaneda: "Carol disappeared for ten years, into the inconceivable." Of those ten years, "we have vague glimpses, linear glimpses, a pseudo¨Cexplanation." According to tradition, Carol Tiggs, as the Nagual woman, was to have stayed in the second attention. "This would have been the time to guide us over." But one day at the Phoenix Bookstore, a person asked a question. Castaneda looked over and saw a different glow of awareness (sorcerers have a different hue) and saw it was Carol. "I continued to talk for two hours. I don¡¯t know what I said." Then later, after they went to talk, Castaneda didn¡¯t know "what happened" at the corner of 5th and Santa Monica. "Suddenly I was in bed and I didn¡¯t know what had happened. When Carol came back, she brought in the Chacmools. With her return," he claimed, "we are no longer an insular group. We¡¯re without a guide. We¡¯re not going Juan Matus¡¯s way. We were insular. She¡¯s the one who made it possible to talk to people." Previously they followed the way of perceiving and acting of the men and women of ancient times in which don Juan had instructed them. On returning, Carol Tiggs changed the totality, "and now she¡¯s the big wheel. And Taisha ¨C¨C oh, it goes without saying." Castaneda talked about some guy who had a theory about the "conspiracy of agreement." He gave as an example Carol Tiggs¡¯s mother, "who is such a know-it-all." She would ask him, "You know I went to Stanford, don¡¯t you?" He would respond, "Yes." ("She had only told me that 10,000 times.") "My sorority has this little obscure journal. Funny thing, the August issue had an article discussing just what you¡¯ve been saying. Of course, it didn¡¯t go into as much detail as you have. Carlos, you little devil, you read so much, you are just amazing! You must have read it, didn¡¯t you?" (Castaneda mimicked himself nodding meekly to her.) "This is the conspiracy of agreement." By complimenting him she gets his agreement. "I said I opened the door for you, but actually Carol Tiggs did. I¡¯m trying to hold it open) mimicking someone straining to hold open a door), but the decision is up to you."

August 25, 1995 - Taisha Abelar executes annual corporate information statement for Laugan Productions, Inc. This statement changed the address from Martel Ave. to 11901 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 596, LA 90025, listed Taisha as CEO, Muni Aranha as Secretary, and Florinda Donner-Grau as CFO. Taisha listed herself as agent for service of process, and the purpose of the corporation as "Research & Production."

October 7-9, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium.

Carol briefly described meeting don Juan again as a young art student, studying in Mexico, her intent being to act as a "cultural bridge" to the Spanish-speaking world. She then described in detail the fateful day on which she met the death defier. As a result of this meeting, she said, "there are three possibilities as to whether Carol Tiggs still exists. The first is that she does, the second is that she doesn't, and the third is that she has the essence of Carol Tiggs, but also something else." She described it as a "hot, bright day." She mimicked herself lisping. There was a little cut-out door into the church that required one to step over to get inside. As she nervously started to step over (which she demonstrated) a hand reached out and grabbed her by the arm to pull her in. In an eerie, gravel voice, the death defier, whom she couldn't bring herself to look at, said, "I'm pleased to see you Carol Tiggs. I've been watching you a long time." Carol found the mention of her name flattering and somehow soothing. The death defier told her to look at her, but she couldn't. But Carol's energy body felt drawn to her. The death defier told her, "I'm all woman," and grabbed Carol's other hand and placed it on her breast. The death defier then kissed Carol on the lips, and Carol fell back onto the floor, her long hair disheveled, lisping, in a horrified tone, "But people will see us." (Carol explained her horrified reaction by saying that, "at the time, I was a serious heterosexual.") The death defier responded that no one could see, because "we're dreaming within a dream." The death defier told Carol that she wanted something from her, and would give her anything in return. Carol couldn't answer. The death defier said it was not something she could decide for her, that it was totally up to Carol, but that "It would be a great adventure." This was the key phrase to convince Carol, who was always looking for adventures. So Carol said "Yes." The death defier then said, "Let's change this dream and sit beside the Sea of Awareness." Carol said she was excited, envisioning they were going to the beach. The death defier took her back outside through the small doorway. They went from the blackness of the church to the brilliance of the outdoors. It was very bright, and eventually, Carol said, she started getting "some flashes of something. The sea awareness was somehow alive, like I thought God was as a child, and impersonal but somehow personal to each person." As a person, she felt "like a speck, but somehow very intimate with this impersonal entity. Then I suddenly felt pain in my left foot. I found myself walking in the streets of Tucson. I saw a newspaper, and the date was ten years later."  

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Carol claimed she then struggled to become aware of her surroundings, to recover, and to find the money she'd buried per don Juan's prior instructions. She then went to find her "brother" Carlos. She calls him her brother "because we have the same configuration of energy." She found him at the Phoenix Bookstore, where "he talked for an interminably long time as a result of the shock of seeing me." Carol described how they had learned that, upon returning from her ten years in the second attention, she had acquired "the sorcerer's eye." One evening Carol was looking at Castaneda and his eyes were glassy and the side of his jaw dropped. She was afraid he was having a stroke. She figured she would have to give him an injection, and somehow focused on the stimulation point in the scrotum as the place to do it. She asked Castaneda if he wanted "the thin needles or the thick needles?" (This was an ongoing joke between them.) He mumbled, "Why ask? You know you'll give me the thick anyway." Then he hit her. She was just thrilled that he was alright.

Then she went home and was looking at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Next thing she knew she started feeling a pain in her leg and head and realized she'd "mesmerized" herself and had been leaning against the mirror for five hours. In the ensuing days, she found that her left eye had the effect of stopping people. She started practicing and used it at the supermarket, where they wouldn't charge her. She did it with lots of people, and it had "very disturbing results" with some. All she is doing, she claimed, is "stopping them for a moment. You can come back to that moment and try to extend it, in bits, with Tensegrity."

October 13-15, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. [Carol did not speak this time, being said to have "fallen, energetically."]

October 20, 1995 - Bruce Alan Wagner marries "Carolina Leonora Aranha" in Las Vegas. Marriage license No. C 678795 lists Bruce¡¯s date of birth as March 22, 1954, in Wisconsin, and his parents as Morton Wagner and Bernice Maletz, both of New York. He states that it is his first marriage [not true, since he was previously married in Las Vegas to the actress Rebecca DeMornay, and later divorced in Los Angeles]. Carol lists her date of birth as January 16, 1958, in Texas. She lists her father as Joseph Aranha of Portugal and her mother as Leonora Steele of Oregon. She also states that it is her first marriage.

November 10-12, 1995 - Workshop at Culver City High School Cafetorium. [During Carol¡¯s lecture, she talks about herself in the third person, saying that she is no longer "the original Carol."]

December 1995 - Yoga Journal article publishes "Carlos Castaneda¡¯s Tensegrity," by Holly Hammond. Hammond reports that "Although the four [Florinda, Taisha, Carol and Castaneda] began working together almost 30 years ago, they had a long-time agreement not to speak with one another about their own training or sorcery experiences, in order to maintain the integrity and energy necessary for the work." Hammond describes the change in this arrangement as follows: "As Castaneda tells it, he was giving one of his rare talks at a bookstore in Los Angeles when he spied a woman in the audience whom he recognized as Carol Tiggs. He had not seen her in 10 years, because she had been off in the 'sea of awareness,' a realm in which awareness is used as a medium of travel. Her return signaled a new, more public phase in the work of the four sorcerers. By her return, Carol Tiggs was making a decision to lift the traditional veil of mystery and secrecy and present the teaching of the sorcerers to a larger world. In this spirit, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar wrote books describing their training . . . ." In May or June of 1995, Holly reports that she calls Kylie "and we chat about the successful workshops they've done in Colorado and New York. But the teaching tour of Europe had to be cancelled, she says, because Carol Tiggs has onece again disappeared: 'Something has happened energetically, in dreaming, and we haven't been able to pull her back, so there's no way we could focus on more wokshops.'" Article also states that "Carol is an M.D."

March 1-3, 1996 - Women-only workshop on "The Female Energy Body," at UCLA. Carol, Taisha, Florinda, Castaneda and Nury all spoke.

Castaneda: "Don Juan could never have addressed a group such as this tonight. He was interested only in himself and his group. But things changed for us when Carol Tiggs came back from a ten-year absence. Her return opened everything up." In her lecture, Carol claimed she had spent so much of her time in the other worlds that this world was strange for her. Carol said she spends more time in other realities -- in other layers of the onion -- than in this world. Castaneda: "People used to say I made don Juan up!" Then, sweeping his arm, pointing to the first row where the witches were sitting, he said, smiling and looking aghast at the same time, "Well, I couldn't make up these creatures! Make up Carol Tiggs??!! I'm scared to death of her!"

March/April 1996 - Psychology Today publishes article by Benjamin Epstein, "My Lunch with Carlos Castaneda," who had attended the December 1995 Anaheim workshop.

Q: "According to your book The Eagle¡¯s Gift, Don Juan Matus didn¡¯t die, he left, he ¡®burned from within.¡¯ Will you leave or will you die?" Castaneda: "Since I¡¯m a moron, I¡¯m sure I¡¯ll die," Castaneda replied. "I wish I would have the integrity to leave the way he did. . . . I have this terrible fear that I won¡¯t. But I wish. I work my head off¡ªboth heads¡ªtoward that." The writer later explains: "The Art of Dreaming ends with Castaneda recounting an episode in the mid-70s when he and Carol Tiggs were 'dreaming' in a hotel room in Mexico City, and Tiggs disappeared into those dreams. (She was on a journey in the 'second attention,' a state of consciousness not devoured by the 'flyers.') According to Castaneda, she reappeared 10 years later in a bookstore in Santa Monica, where he was giving a talk. It was the reconstituted Tiggs who provided the impetus to compile the ¡®magical passes¡¯ of Tensegrity. According to Castaneda, Don Juan taught four disciples separate lines of ever-changing magical passes. The other two, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar, have each published accounts of their apprenticeships, both markedly different from Castaneda¡¯s but endorsed by him."

April 19-21, 1996 - Second Oakland Workshop, at the Oakland Convention Center.

Carol, speaking on Sunday, said she doesn¡¯t much visit the inorganics¡¯ realm, unlike Taisha, so she was going to take us to the "organic realm." She claimed that it was very difficult for the Witches to describe their experiences in words, so she was very impressed at how eloquent Taisha was. Carol said she didn¡¯t do well in English. She would get her school papers back marked, "Expand this. Develop. Ambiguous." Although she is a visual person, she doesn¡¯t see the scenes when she is recapitulating. She claimed that she and Castaneda are "the same energetically, but two people who are the same energetically don¡¯t necessarily get along with each other." She remarked that he always comes out better in the story. She joked that "people who are compulsive always come out looking better in description. There¡¯s nothing like compulsion to make you look good." She¡¯s "the slob." When "Castaneda cooks he has everything arranged, everything wrapped up in neat little bundles, all the pieces he needs, and he knows exactly how many seconds each thing takes." He was always tense. She wanted things to be calmer, more moderate. "With him it¡¯s always intense, ¡®We¡¯re going to die!¡¯ Or, ¡®This is complete shit!¡¯" And he had all these little rituals, like his "power walking," which she would call "jogging," which irritated him.

April 1996 - According to Cleargreen payroll records for the month [an incomplete scrap of financial information filed as part of C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motion in the probate proceeding in 1999], Muni, Florinda, Taisha and Tycho each received a salary for the April ¡®96 workshop of $2,727.58. Castaneda, who wasn¡¯t there, received a salary of $4,567.61. Kylie, Renata, Nyei, Darien, Erin, Fabricio, Grant and Talia each received a workshop salary of $1,238.26. Rosa, Margarita, Brandon, Michelle and Ellis each received a salary of $569.08.

July 20-25, 1996 - Intensive Tensegrity Workshop at UCLA¡¯s Pauley Pavilion [Carol performs the following song: "I've done a bad thing, I've done a bad thing. I should be punished, And then I should die. And when I am dead, I should be punished, Some more!"]

October 30, 1996 - Cleargreen shareholder distribution of $447,411 net income [another incomplete scrap of financial information, per documents filed with C.J. Castaneda¡¯s motions in the 1999 probate proceedings]. Of 102,864 shares, Muni, Taisha, Florinda, Nury, Talia and Fabricio each have 12.9618% of the shares. Kylie, Nyei, Reni, Darien, Zaia, Erin, Haley and Gavin each have 2.7775% of the shares. Tracy and Bruce have 5 shares each, or .00149%. Somehow these percentages translate to payments of $28,497 to Talia, $9,799 to Muni, $9,658 to Kylie, $7,321 to Florinda, $7,270 for Taisha, $5,171 to Nuri, $5,048 to Fabricio, $2,696 each to Bruce and Tracy, $2,504 to Renata, $2,331 to Nyei, $2,227 to Zaia and $1,854 to Tycho (also known as "the Orange Scout").

November 29-December 1, 1996 - Pasadena Workshop at the Pasadena Center Exhibition Building.

Castaneda and Taisha spoke, and Nury read the chapter from the book in progress, Memorable Events (published in 1998 as The Active Side of Infinity), about Carol Tiggs¡¯s return. [This chapter was not included in the final, published version of Active Side of Infinity.] Castaneda criticized the adherence to tradition in his lineage, and asserted "Now there are no rules." They had hoped that explaining things would help people arrive at realization and make the jump. There hadn¡¯t been that much progress that way, however, so in the future they were going to emphasize practical actions more. Castaneda said that don Juan gave him the task of taking care of the three witches, and said that to manage them was as difficult "as changing the chain of a chain saw while it¡¯s running." Carol claimed that Castaneda recently saw himself as a bundle of energy, which was "a sign that he was on the verge of leaving." The umbrella of energy they assertedly received from don Juan was gone; "as we make the final turn, we are going to have to do so on our own power." We are also told that Castaneda felt "with his exposed knees" that Carol¡¯s mother was "not her mother."

December 2, 1996 - Castaneda gives a lecture at the Dance Factory in Santa Monica for the Spanish-speaking Pasadena workshop participants. Castaneda reportedly tells the group that he and the others "will be leaving soon because Carol is starting to burn," and that Talia Bey will remain to continue running things after they leave, because of her "appropriate, green-hued energy."

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