Carol Tiggs Chronology Part II [1981 - 1984]

1981 - Castaneda¡¯s The Eagle's Gift published by Simon and Schuster [deals with la Gorda and the other apprentices left behind; ends with Castaneda saying good-bye to the Nagual woman and don Juan¡¯s party]

Castaneda¡¯s first description of a Nagual woman begins on p. 118. (All page number references are to the hardback versions.) He tells la Gorda about having once seen a young woman with don Juan, leading to his assumption that don Juan was not celibate. He describes her as "tall, slender, and very young." La Gorda then remembers having seen a young woman driving don Juan and Genaro in a small white car. Castaneda connects this with the white Volkswagen he had seen the woman drive. Later, Castaneda remembers an old Mexican song, and dreams of someone playing it on a guitar. This brings back an intense recollection of the Nagual woman: "[T]he most important being on earth for la Gorda and myself." La Gorda independently recalls who the woman with the white car was. Then she remembers she used to sit with her and don Juan in the plaza in Oaxaca. La Gorda tells Castaneda, "She was your partner. You two were a team. And I was her ward. And she entrusted you to deliver me to her someday." Castaneda remembers that it was the Nagual woman -- unnamed -- who "used to supply me with books of poetry. She kept stacks of them in the trunk of her car. It was at her instigation that I read poems to don Juan." After la Gorda suggests the Nagual woman is "shipwrecked" or "probably marooned" somewhere, Castaneda protests, "No! No! She¡¯s not here any more." p. 128. 

La Gorda and Castaneda then work on recalling her. Later Castaneda describes the Nagual woman helping to rescue him when he was stuck in the yellow sulfur world. Further on, don Juan details the "Rule of the Nagual," which includes the following: "In order to make sure that the first Nagual man would lead his party to freedom and not deviate from that path or become corrupted, the Eagle took the Nagual woman to the other world to serve as a beacon, guiding the party to the opening." And later, "When the first Nagual and his party were ready to go through the passageway, the first Nagual woman was waiting there to guide them. They were ordered then to take the new Nagual woman with them to the other world to serve as a beacon for her people, leaving the new Nagual man in the world to repeat the cycle. . . . . At the moment of leaving the world, when the new Nagual woman is with them, the Nagual¡¯s number is seventeen." p. 180-1.  

In the chapter entitled, "The Nagual Woman," Castaneda relates that "Almost immediately after finding me [i.e., 1960?], don Juan encountered a double woman. He did not put me in touch with her through a scheme, as his benefactor had done with him, but devised a ploy, as effective and elaborate as any of his benefactor¡¯s, by which he himself enticed and secured the double woman." He then describes how, when don Juan was living in Arizona, he had found this double woman working at a government office where he went to fill out an application. He returned virtually every day for three months, then offered to thank her for her help by taking her to see an Indian dancer, who turned out to be don Juan himself. 

In a later chapter, when Silvio Manuel "sees" that the problem with Castaneda¡¯s original party is that Castaneda was not the right nagual for them, the Nagual woman, but not Castaneda, is included in the discussions of don Juan¡¯s party. The Nagual woman then supervises Castaneda and la Gorda in a series of not-doings. Silvio Manuel tells them that he is using la Gorda and Castaneda "to probe into the possibility that we could someday help the other apprentices by ushering them into another world, in which case they could accompany the Nagual Juan Matus and his party in their definitive journey. He reasoned that since the Nagual woman had to leave this world with the Nagual Juan Matus and his warriors, the apprentices had to follow her because she was their only leader in the absence of a Nagual man." This was the reason the Nagual woman was supervising them in their not-doings. p. 239. After the events on the bridge, don Juan¡¯s party and all his apprentices meet at the house, where "the Nagual woman made the male apprentices sit against the east wall; she made the women sit against the west wall. She then led me to a place directly behind don Juan. We sat there together." p. 306. After the members of don Juan¡¯s party impart their last bits of advice to Castaneda and make their farewells, "The Nagual woman came to me last. She sat down and held me in her lap as if I were a child. She exuded affection and purity. . . . . She then revealed a portion of the rule that applies to the three-pronged Nagual. She was in a state of ultimate agitation and yet she was calm. Her intellect was peerless and yet she was not trying to reason anything out. Her last day on earth overwhelmed her. She filled me with her mood. It was as if up to that moment I had not quite realized the finality of our situation. . . . . I realized that I would never again see her. That was unbearable!" p. 312-13. After Castaneda falls on the floor with the Nagual woman, imagining they are both bleeding, don Juan and his party, with the Nagual woman, stand in front of him in a row and then "disappeared in to the blackness of the mysterious slit that had appeared in the room." Don Juan then presses Castaneda¡¯s back, telling him that he understands Castaneda¡¯s pain, and that "the affinity of the Nagual man and the Nagual woman is not something that can be formulated." p. 314. Don Juan tells Castaneda that don Juan and his party will leave that day at dusk. Castaneda ends the book with a description of his jump with Pablito and Nestor from the precipice "[a]t dusk that afternoon . . . at the precise moment when [don Juan] and all of his warriors had kindled their awareness." p.315.]

April 5, 1981 - Carol's acupuncture license is issued, under the name Elizabeth Austin. [It is now in the name of Muni Alexander. Carol¡¯s husband, Marc LeBel, who graduated from the California Acupuncture College the same year, was issued his license the same day.] Carol¡¯s license number is AC1178.

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1983 - Carol Tiggs "returns" from the Second Attention, supposedly finding herself in Tucson, AZ, according to subsequent workshop lectures (see below).

1984 - Castaneda¡¯s The Fire From Within is published by Simon and Schuster [foreward thanks H.Y.L. ¨C i.e., Castaneda¡¯s longtime kung fu teacher and sometime healer, Howard Lee] [Could the appearance of this book and its flattering description of the Nagual woman be what encouraged Carol to "return to the fold"?] [P. 274-5: "A young woman was standing by the couch as if she had just stood up as I came in. She was lean and tall, exquisitely dressed in a tailored green suit. She had dark-brown hair, burning brown eyes that seemed to smile, and a pointed, finely chiseled nose. Her complexion was fair but had been tanned to a gorgeous brown. I found her ravishingly beautiful. She seemed to be an American. She nodded at me, smiling, and extended her hands with the palms down as if she were helping me up . . . . Her hands were long and beautiful. She spoke to me in Spanish with a faint trace of an accent." On page 281, a pleasant sweet scent provokes Castaneda to remember, "Carol, the nagual woman! I had been with her only the day before. How could I have forgotten her? . . . . Was it possible, I asked myself, that I had woken up in her house in Tucson, Arizona, two thousand miles away?" And don Juan¡¯s response to his question about why he didn¡¯t remember the Nagual woman: "Only when your assemblage point shifts can you recollect her. She is like a phantom to you, and so are you to her. You¡¯ve seen her once while you were in normal awareness, but she¡¯s never seen you in her normal awareness. To her you are as much a personage as she is to you. With the difference that you may wake up someday and integrate it all. You may have enough time to do that, but she won¡¯t. Her time here is short." p. 282.]

December 28, 1984 - Marc LeBel files for divorce against Elizabeth Austin. They later file a joint petition for summary dissolution, listing his address as 821 Third St., #106, Santa Monica 90403. They claim no community assets or liabilities. Elizabeth¡¯s mailing address is 1276 Rimmer Dr., Pacific Palisades 90272. Final judgment is entered on July 22, 1985. [The one-page community property agreement they sign provides that "[a]ll cutlery goes back to the wife." So did a 1970 Karmann Ghia, hair dryer, and savings account at Home Savings & Loan. Husband agreed to buy from the wife 1 living room couch at $200, 1 refrigerator at $50, 1 bed at $100, 2 bookcases at $70 and 1 set of dishes at $30. The husband also agreed to relinquish four itemized Visa cards and a May Company card. They also stated that they were storing another $2000 worth of community property, the proceeds of which they would share when it had been sold. L.A. Superior Court Case No. WED045350, filed in Santa Monica.]

[Note: Marc LeBel, OMD, continues to practice acupuncture in L.A. and is listed in the current Santa Monica telephone book as having offices in both Marina del Rey and Santa Monica.]

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